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Yeah. New shit. Word.

Another song up

2010-11-03 17:47:17 by devopablo

"150 cc" is my newest song. It's kinda MarioKartish. It's cute and fun.

Stay tuned.

Slow but steady progress.

2010-09-12 01:55:37 by devopablo

Every time I open FLS (the only DAW I use), I end up learning something new, but if anybody happens to read this and has suggestions or even questions, feel free to PM me.

The completed version of Exiled is finally up. I'm reasonably happy with the musical statement, but I'm not happy with the mastering. Hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it.

More songs to come relatively soon, including (but not limited to) a full-length tune based on my little loop "Happy Steel" and a vocal rendition of one of my favorite songs.

Automation clips in FL Studio are possibly the coolest thing invented by man.

More music is on its way. If you like my stuff so far, please review it and leave me some feedback or suggestions. I can only learn so much on my own.

3 songs. An epic feat!

2010-07-27 22:41:35 by devopablo

FL Studio is fun.

That is all.